Gold Test

In this Article we will discuss three methods of testing Gold Dust and Bars the first method is the weight method. Test through the weight is quite easy you can simply do this by feeling the weight of the Gold dust or Bar in your hand. Gold is a very heavy substance and if you have about 250 grams of gold in your hand it very heavy and most times if it is inside your pocket the weight drags on your pocket so much that you do not feel comfortable walking around with it inside your pocket. If feel so much weight, then know that it is Gold and regardless of the shape whether in dust form, nugget or bar, it is still as heavy so do not undermine method, this is a sure test just because it glitters, the glitter ness of Gold is not a method of testing Gold, after all it is said that not all that glitters are Gold, this statement is a proven fact. Dipping one’s hands inside and lifting some quantity of it up tells you whether there is gold in the weight of the substance you have encountered. Though this is not a very clinical method of test but it surely enable you to know the path you are heading. The second method is the smear ness of the Gold this method favors Gold nuggets or small fragments of Gold Bars and it a very good method to test at the same time if it is tungsten since tungsten also shines like gold in some form. Take an hammer and put the gold on a flat solid surface and hit the gold with the hammer. If the Gold is original it will never break into two or more fragments rather is forms a different shape, smears into the shape of the object that you use to hit the gold in any case it changes shape it won’t break no matter how much force you apply. This is a great method of testing Gold regardless of how easy it may seems, definitely also, if it is tungsten it will break into two or more pieces, in fact may not even need to test for tungsten with the hydrochloride acid method mentioned in the final method of testing Gold below you just head on straight to the nitric acid test method after you have finish with the hammering test method, one has gold in his hands if the substance did not break. The third and final method we want to discuss is the application of nitric acid which has the ability to burn off all shining substance that glitters or impurities that is not Gold. The only substance that do not get burnt aside from gold is tungsten. So if you want to test for tungsten grind some quantity into fine powder and boil it for 15 minutes with hydrochloride acid then add a piece of aluminum or zinc, solder or tin to it the substance will turn blue then you know what you have it tungsten. The ironic of it is that tungsten it still as heavy as gold though Gold is a little heavier so is a test you may want to carry out before advancing to this final method of testing the alleged gold material with nitric acid which is your final test. In testing with nitric acid we will break it down into two types. One testing gold dust, testing with this method, put some quantity in a metal bow or crucible and pour little quantity of nitric acid on it you will find out that if it is gold dust it will burn away all the impurities and the actual gold material will be left finer and glittery more than it was before but if it fake all the gold dust will be burnt, all turn into black in color. The second Nitric test is for gold bars, in this case, you will drill the bar on one side to the middle of the depth of the so-called Gold and do the same on the other side and repeat this process on the two ends of the bar and gather the fillings you have drill, then pour a small quantity of nitric acid on it after placing them inside a bow or crucible the nitric will do the same to the fillings if they are pure gold it come out brighter and finer in fact they have just be refined off impurities as the end product but if otherwise it all turns to black. The Gold refinery employ this method of nitric test by applying nitric acid at the final stage of the gold refinery process by submerging the gold inside nitric acid to purify the gold of all or any impurities left after refining the gold to be crystal pure 100%. So that’s it, good luck to you in your quest of trading in Gold as it is a viable business but full of scams. In our next Article we will discuss Gold Scam in Africa.

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