5th Article :Challenges in Local Gold Purchase and Safe Keeping

We concluded in our 4th Article Galamsey Fraudulent operations with rule number one, never let go gold in your hand once paid for and rule number two do not pay for gold unless it is test in your present by you or your representative and must remain in your hand always before making payment for the amount of gold. This rules might sound overbearing and repetitive or being overly meticulous like sounding warnings to a toddler, however they are not and are very imminently indispensable. Let’s expand on rule number one so you can appreciate the importance of this rule. If you let gold in your possession after you have paid for the gold and then request for the gold to be given to you, maybe after making payment for the gold, then you are in for a shock of your lifetime. This is what happens as a typical example in a true to life story, the scammer would bring an original quantity of gold and sample it to you including testing it even at a very close range to you so that you will feel comfortable and think they are very transparent, unaware to you they have exact fake quantity of so-called gold somewhere around within the circle of the on going transaction, note that they will have not only same quantity but same container, or same color of wrap or same whatever they put the fake gold will be exactly the same with the original. So after finishing a successful gold test in your presence they will not allow you to take it, why? because they would insist and claim that because they have not seen your payment. If the buyer, do not insist that the gold tested in his presence should be handed over to him directly at the same time, at the very moment, not through another person, immediately as you are preparing to transfer or even make a cash payment that original would have been switched within a twinkle of an eye and after making the payment the same quantity of fake gold with the same wrap or container will be handed to you. Do not kid yourself that you will be able to figure them out, they are very good very swift at doing the switching, it years of practice and experience they have perfected the act, you can’t beat them. If you insist that they must test the gold again that you bought or paid for, they will simply not argue with you but repeat their switching method again, is that simple, so once you break rule number one you are doomed for a scam. You might now come to appreciate the principles behind the rule number one. Let’s now expand on rule number two. Once gold in your hand, take note must be tested first before keeping it in your possession thereafter do not let anyone take it from your possession. Whether before making payment or after paying for the gold never ever let it out of your hand because of safe keeping. Why, because even your own person can switch that gold. There is saying in Ghana that, A man do not entrust gold with his wife’ a man do not hand over gold to his wife to keep, he keeps it himself and even sleeps with the gold but even if he took the risk to hand over the gold to his wife, when he is about collecting it back from his wife he first carry out a test of the gold whether it is fake. So that being said, Rule number two highlights the principle ‘Do not trust anyone with your gold’ Period. In the same vein during safe keeping especially if the gold quantity is much and you may want to export the gold, the entity or person in the case of an individual, in charge of the safe keeping must sign in an agreement to keep, seal and deliver the gold back to you upon request in the same quantity and quality. Usually those in charge seal, lock the gold in a device only you and the entity can access so that both parties partakes in the keeping and delivery. When the gold is in transit or conveyed to a different location security service are called into operations so that there will be maximum security to ensure no switching of the gold especially when dealing with large quantity that only an individual can not deal with. In the next article we will discuss method use by the local villagers who mine gold as means of livelihood should a gold buyer visits the village with the intention of buying gold directly from them. This purchase is done not from Galamsey boys but from families who happen to find alluvial gold in their farmland or family lands belonging to them or under cultivation by them. See you in our next Article.

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