7th Article -The Bold Test

In our 6th article on Alluvial Gold test we mentioned that this method will be discussed and is better than the local test method employing the use of man-power. The bold test method, involves the use of Excavator preferably the one with longer and larger bucket will definitely increase production as the longer the handle of the bucket the larger the area it can excavate. The larger the bucket the more quantity of AU materials it can excavate. Miner begin operation with the excavator by first licking off the overburden of a certain area of the mine to be tested, taking records of the depths of the of the overburden. Note that the excavator digs three or four areas to conduct this test by stockpiling the Au materials of each areas, to be tested separately. Let’s take for an example, depth of overburden (area without gold bearing material), first area dug (left side of mine) 3meters depth, middle area 7meters and the (right side of mine) 2 meters and the depth of AU bearing material (thickness of Gold deposit) on the left side of mine is 2 meters, middle 3 meters and the right side is 4 meters, from these records the miner simply knows the most viable areas of the mine and may chose not to mine the middle area as it is clear from the data gathered from the test that it cost more with less gold recovery in the middle area of the mine.

Experience on Alluvial Gold mining reveals that Gold deposits follow a straight line so as the bold test is conducted by the Miner he already visualize the direction of the deposit of the AU materials. From the foregoing example is now clear to the miner that the hottest line of gold deposits are on the right side because he will have to only spend diesel on 2 meters depth of overburden (waste) to recover 4 meters depth of gold deposits. The left side is next to the hottest line, while the left side of the mine is on a ratio of deposits 5/2meters, middle 10/2 meters and right side is 6/4meters. Another factor that would enable Miner make an informed decision whether to mine the middle line or not is the grams per ton of Gold on the mine as you can see.

. Another advantage of the bold test method over the local test method is that, GPT is based not solely on SGS samples results provided but on actual gold recovered from running each ton of the AU material stockpile on the mine. So this method is better than the local test method as it gives the Miner actual result for a particular area of the mine, the depth of gold deposits as the excavator can dig to the end of the gold deposits, enables the Miner to either mine the whole mine or abandon the less rich line of gold deposits that would incur more operational cost than amount of gold recovered.

In summary this is a conclusive test method for the Miner to be able to know the commercial viability of the mine relative to the local test method using local tools like diggers, holes, shovels and the like. It arguably a fact, that the data of grams per ton of gold in the each areas of the mine is an important factor in knowing the commercial viability of the mine and high can be accurately gotten by the Miner through Bold Test. Therefore, knowledge is the key to success.

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